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Visiontech Systems International LLC specializes in AV solutions and with a dedicated team of specialized subject matter experts and technicians. To handle complex and large projects in the areas of Professional Audio System, Digital Signage & Video Wall System, Control System, Smart Meeting Room, Smart Classroom, Home Theatre / Private Cinema system, Home Automation System.

We offer:

  • Professional Audio
  • Professional Video
  • Control System
  • Smart Meeting Room
  • Smart Classroom
  • Home Theatre / Private Cinema
  • Home Automation

Visiontech specializes in Consult, Design, Install and Commission of complete horizon of professional audio services such as

Background music refers to the light sound reinforcement intend to achieve a good ambience and is required in wide range of commercial applications including Retail Shops, Shopping malls, Restaurants, Hotels and other commercial spaces.

Public Address refers to making general announcements over single or multiple zones from local or multiple locations and when combined with Evacuation system then can also be used for broadcasting of Emergency or Voice Evacuation messages from the same PA – BGM system. PA/BGM-EVAC systems when together provides an added flexibility and cost optimization than a conventional Fire Alarm-Voice Evac systems. They are required in wide range of commercial applications such as Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Shopping Mall, Theme Parks and other commercial spaces.

Performance sound refers to higher SPL sound reinforcement systems intend to achieve performance-grade full range audio and is required in wide range of commercial applications such as Auditoriums, Live Events, Theatre, House of Worship, Stadium, Health clubs, Night Clubs etc.

Portable sound refers to Portable PA system that offers same quality and features as of Installed PA system with an added flexibility of mobility. It is required in wide range of applications such as Multipurpose halls, School assembly, Solo Musicians, mobile DJ or a Full band.

This refers to the system where audience and the presenter shares different languages for which multiple language simultaneous interpretation is required. This mainly find its applications in International Summits, Parliament house and Training Halls.

Multi-Room audio refers to independent music controls for each room intend to provide customer centric entertainment for each user. Mainly find it’s applications in Large Residences, Treatment rooms and Spa.

Visiontech specializes in Consult, Design, Install and Commission of complete horizon of professional video services such as

Video Wall refers to special Multi-display setup in which multiple display screens are cascaded or tiled together to form one large screen intended to provide a flexibility to use it as one large display or in multiple tile layouts and is required in wide range of commercial applications such as Control rooms, stadiums and other large public venues.

Digital signage refers to the technology in which the signage content can be created, scheduled and operated on a display signage software and can be broadcasted to multiple displays remotely without the need of any on-site personal. It is intended to provide an effective and attractive method of communication over any commercial space. It is used in requirements like Advertisement or Way finding Digital Kiosks with applications in Airports, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Shopping Malls etc.

Presentation system refers to complete Audio Visual and Controls systems that includes Front/Rear projection, AV interface, Audio Video Conferencing , Sound system and controls of the entire multi-media setup. Required in wide range of applications such as Meeting Rooms, Ball rooms, Training rooms, Board rooms etc.

As the audio visual system comprises of various equipment each with an array of features, it is quite tedious for the end user to operate each equipment separately but this gap is eliminated by the use of a control system that makes entire Audio Visual system to be operated as one either by a keypad or by a simple touch of any smart device on iOS and Android platform.

Vision Tech offers unique selection of control components that offer controls over the entire suite of multi-media equipment over a single touch panel:

  • Projector
  • Display
  • Projector / Display / Screen Lifts
  • Shades
  • Lighting System
  • HVAC controls
  • Selection of AV source
  • Audio system
  • Video Conferencing
  • Meeting Room Booking

Visiontech is pioneer in providing client-specific optimal solutions utilizing the latest and most cost effective technology available turning any standard huddle room to a Smart collaboration space.

Our solution for smart meeting room solution includes:

Gone are the days when connection between display and the source device required a physical cable connection. Now, with the wireless presentation technology any number of attendees can share their presentations directly to display or a projector with a simple wireless connection eliminating the need of cable clutters and expensive video switchers.

Real time communication is the key thing to operate successfully in today’s fast changing business scenario. We have a comprehensive range of communication system and solution for all business set-up be it medical, education, financial institutions, justice, broadcasters, high-value commodities trade or corporate. We offer systems that allow multi-site video conferencing and call set-ups across any combination of IP, ISDN, DSL or any available new medium. Featuring Full HD video and Crystal clear audio communication.

Paper free conference system refers to an advanced all-in-one solution that incorporates touch panel interface for file management and video display, eliminating the need of papers or laptops in meeting environments. Find its applications across Executive Board rooms, high level meeting rooms, International summits and Parliaments.

Visiontech offers simple & effective room booking system that offers smart & quick way to automate your meetings, conference rooms and resources.

Empower learning with your Smart Classroom / Training Room

The prominence of Audio Visual technology in education has been beyond estimation and the main reason for this is that learning with AV creates an interactive environment which enhances the learning process.

Our AV solutions for your Smart Classroom / Training room includes:

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Projectors
  • Interactive Flat Panel Display
  • Classroom Audio Technology
  • Audience Response system
  • Lecture Capture
  • Digital Podiums

Visiontech is pioneer in delivering technology-driven visual effects, acoustics along with additional elements such as acoustic modelling, drape & lighting controls, custom seating and other advance technology components to provide Cinema Rich experience at the comforts of your home.

We specialize in consult, design, install and calibrate custom made home cinema solutions with unique selection of components based on room size, room acoustics and budget to satisfy all customers expectations.

Our Home Cinema solution includes:

  • Cinemascope Projector
  • Cinema grade Projection Screen
  • Surround Audio with Dolby Technologies
  • Hi Fi Electronics
  • AV, Lighting & Drape Controls
  • Cinema Furniture

VISIONTECH specializes in changing your traditional home to a smart home by putting together all your needs to be controlled and visualized thru any smart device on iOS & Android platform – let it be your phone or a dedicated touch panel.

Our solution for Home Automation gives you control over:

  • AV Distribution with Entertainment always within reach.
  • Climate Control with One touch temperature control system.
  • Seamless Security with Video Intercom for door access, security gates & room to room from an application on mobile or a tablet.
  • Energy Conservation by Automatic adjusting HVAC, Lighting, Shades and more to maximize energy conservations.

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