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Single Solution for all Your HR needs

iStrength HRMS is a web-based, single, unified HR solution that is easy to use and provides better visibility into your workforce data that includes skills, capability, accomplishments, salary, employee details , attendance and benefits. Automated HRMS helps your HR department to focus on strategic organizational goals and helps manage your organization’s talent.

Comprehensive Human Resource Module

Human Resource module covers many HR aspects from new hire to termination. A single and centralized system provides better insight of your workforce data. Here is how iStrength HR module can help your HR department:

  • Describe suitable staffing model (position, job location, head count and job management) for the entire organization or individual business units.
  • View employee performance review details and compensation information
  • Manage the movement of individual or groups within your company
  • Employee and Manager Self Service allows them to perform functions themselves thereby reducing the burden on HR staff.

Time and Leave Management Module

Now you can effectively manage your labor cost by using time and attendance modules that collects day-to-day time data and gives useful information about time spent by each employee.

  • Allows Employees to request time off and enter their timesheet via Web and submit them for approval.
  • Allows Managers to view timesheet and time off request and approve them online.
  • In-Built and Flexible Overtime and Accrual system to eliminate manual calculation errors
  • Configure approval workflow for timesheet and time off approval based on your business process.
  • In-built Scheduling and Shift Handling.
  • Easily Integrates with Biometric, RFID or Barcode system to capture accurate sign-in time and eliminate buddy punching

Performance Management Module

Manage your employee performance to deliver strategic and operational goals. Judge the ability of your employees to perform his task and help him achieve the desired performance. Simplify communication between your manager and employee.

  • Performance Planning (includes employee goal setting / objective setting)
  • Ongoing Performance Communication
  • Data Gathering, Observation and Documentation of employees performance
  • Fully Configurable Appraisal and Goal Settings.
  • Notification and Workflow setup to ensure timely performance and appraisal review
  • Better Transparency between management and employees to achieve strategic organization goals

Expense Management

Allow your employee to submit their expenses anytime and from anywhere and helps you to manage and keep track of all the expenses throughout your organization.

  • Submit expenses quickly and easily using easy to use expense form
  • Attach expense receipts in various formats
  • Automatic Notification and Reminders to reduce delays or No-shows
  • Track details of expense such expense type, payment method and taxes
  • Set different expense criteria based on job positions or groups.
  • Set up expense limits for various expense types
  • A full library of reports to closely monitor when, where and how your organization money is spent


Custom Report builder and Standard reports gives you the ability to generate reports on the fly, providebetter insight and visibility to help you make critical business decisions easily

  • Powerful ad-hoc report engine to generate custom queries and reports. Any field captured from any module can be used to generate reports.
  • Custom built reports can be saved or exported to PDF or Excel
  • In Addition to custom report engine, ISTRENGTH offers some standard report in each module.